Betfred World Championship Qualifiers

Player Details

Igor Figueiredo

Igor Figueiredo

D.O.B. 11 Oct 1977


Lives Brazil


Turned Pro 2010

  • Figueiredo came within one match of becoming the first Brazilian player to qualify for the Crucible in 2015. He came through World Championship qualifying matches against Nigel Bond and Rod Lawler, before losing to Robin Hull.
  • In 2010, Brazil’s only professional player qualified for the final stages of the World Open in Glasgow. He beat Liu Chuang and Dave Gilbert to qualify, but his match live on BBC didn’t last long as he lost 3-0 to Mark Williams.
  • Arguably the best snooker player ever to emerge from Brazil, Figueiredo had never played on a full size table before 2009, as most tables in Brazil are only ten feet long.


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